Back Injury

Accident At work

A employee broke her back after the company she was working for failed in their safety procedures. She was transported to hospital when it was found she sustained a fractured vertebra at the base of her back and was hospitalised for seven days post-accident.

Back Injury At Work Compensation

Once the employee returned home from the hospital she needed to wear a back brace to support her back for a further three months to prevent bending or twisting between her neck and waist which meant she was unable to work for several weeks.

The company was later fined after an investigation found that the company did not asses the work to be undertaken safely and in the right manor.

Due to the claimants injuries she instructed an accident at work solicitor to see if she was entitled to accident at work compensation.

She received a total of £11,000 in accident at work compensation and the company was later fined £7,000 for failing safety procedures.

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