Accident At Work – Elbow Injury

Accident At Work – Compensation Claims


shutterstock_267718298A worker received £6,554 for the elbow injury sustained in an accident at work. The claimant suffered from a displaced fracture of the radial head of his left elbow. The worker was carrying bundles of newspapers from a van, upon lifting one of the bundles of newspapers, the weight caused the claimant to lose his balance, fall out of the rear of the van and land on his left elbow. The worker sustained injury and brought an action against the employer alleging that it was negligent in its health and safety duties towards its employees, which caused the accident. His work place admitted liability for the accident and the injuries sustained.

Accident At Work -Elbow Injuries

Severe with major loss of function– work injury – accident at work compensation



Moderate, with some permanent loss of function– work injury accident claim



Simple fractures, lacerations with full recovery– work injury -accident claim



The worker was absent from work for two months, returning to light duteis and reduced hours for the first couple of weeks. Due to the heavy lifting involved, he continued to have symptoms that affected his work for six to eight months. He was subsequently conscious of avoiding the use of his left arm to lift items.

If you have suffered an accident at work then you may be entitled to compensation.


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