Accident At Work – Scaffolding Claim

Accident at Work

A worker sustained two broken ribs working on a building with scaffolding. It is belived that the scaffolding surrounding the building was not secure properley and had come loose. The scaffolding started to come apart and came towards the worker, it took the worker by surprise and was not able to move ouit the way quick enough.



As well as the worker sustaining broken ribs he also suffered from slight bruising and shock. He was taken to hospital straight away where he was give strong pain killers and told to rest. The worplace made an investigation when it was believed that there was clear failings with the designing of the scaffolding which caused danger to workers and the property.


Accident at Work Compensation Claims

Due to his accident the worker was not able to return to work. He later made an accident at work claim and received a total of £3,000 and the company was later fined £4,000 for failing to meet there safety conduct.

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Accident at Work No Win No Fee

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