Accident at work – Back Injury

Employee suffers back injury after accident on digger truck

Back injury at work claim

The worker was a 48 year old man who suffered a severe back injury after an accident at work. He was employed by the defendant as a mechanical digger operator. He was reversing the digger over a drain and as the vehicle moved over it, the drain collapsed suddenly causing the digger to drop a distance of three feet and the claimant to jar his back. Following the accident at work the claimant suffered significant injuries to his back. The mechanics of the accident were that as the digger fell the claimant felt sudden intense pain.

shutterstock_267718298The employee instructed a specalist personal injury solicitor to represent. They had his injuries assessed by an independant medical expert, his report confirmed this was a disc prolapse from L5 to S1. As a result of the injury to his back the claimant suffered a constant moderate pain and was unable to undertake any heavy lifting at work. The claimant was awarded £15,750 in compensation.


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