Accident at work compensation- Serious life changing injuries

Accident at work compensation.

An employee has been left with serious life changing injuries due to an accident at work.

It is believed a park of a structure weighing 750kg fell on him when the claimant and three other colleagues was removing cladding from the structures

The claimant employee and the three other workers cut the side of the tunnel with a Stanley knife and pulled an outer layer of insulation off. It was decided by the workers that they would remove internal steels first, leaving the internal hoop structure to remain.

The structure had a layer of cladding on the insider, then a layer of insulation inside a black plastic liner which was covered with a waterproof liner.

The workers applied the same method of removal but the sheet started to get hard to pull, one of the men working suggested to his colleagues that they use a fork lift truck to pull the sheet off with a rope attached to a fork lift truck.


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Fork lift truck accident at work claims

At the time of the accident the injured worker was moving materials on the ground between the tunnel that was being dismantled and the skip it was being disposed.  One of the workers driving the forklift truck began to try and move the gable wall but was pulled from the hoop structure and struck the worker causing severe life threatening injuries as he became trapped under the sheeting.

Details of forklift truck and accident at work

Details of forklift truck and accident at work







The worker sustained severe injuries including a collapsed left lung, displaced intestines, a broken pelvis, six rib fractures and fractures to his spine.

The claimant was transported so hospital where he spent 10 day in intensive care and a further 15 days in hospital.

The claimant needed extensive rehabilitation and will need to wear specially modified footwear for the rest of his life, he now walks with a slight limp and the injuries caused him to lose his independence, with his partner having to move in to take time off and help care for him. This caused severe physiological problems.

Accident at work compensation ?

An employee injured at work may be able to claim for work place compensation.  The claim will be submitted by the employee’s solicitors to make an accident at work compensation claim against the employer for injuries and losses. To obtain a guide for compensation the amount of compensation for injuries alone, for injuries please see our accident at work compensation claims calculator or see the quick guides below

Life Changing Injuries At Work Claims

Serious injuries at work deserve expert compensation solicitors go guide you and your family through the complex set of circumstances and assessing your needs and requirements.  For more information please see our webpage: serious life changing injuries at work claims.

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