Worker suffers severe head injury after being hit by metal pole at work

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Subject: Work accident claim and head injury after being hit by metal pole at work

A 40 year old construction worker has been left in critical condition with a severe head injuries after he was struck by a metal pole after he fell from his ladder at work.

The work accident accident claim involving causing a head injury happened at around 5pm when the work site was just about to close for the day, the man had lost his footing and slipped off of his ladder and a pole from the scaffolding struck him on the head, causing him to loose consciousness on the concrete ground below.

As the site was empty and few workers, the male was left unattended for approximately 20 minutes until a colleague found him and called the emergency service.

The man was left with permanent damage to his brain and sustained neck and back injury as a result of his work accident.

Head Injury Compensation guide

Head Injury Compensation guide