Accident At Work Claim £4000 Fractured Arm

Accident at work, worker injured due to a fall from a ladder which was unsecured and unmanned, compensation claim by solicitors acting for the injured claimant was made and the worker obtained £4000 compensation for a broken right non dominant fore- arm plus compensation for expenses and loss of earnings.

Accident at work claim was made against a construction company when a worker had fallen from a ladder left unmanned by a work colleague who was distracted on site.  As a result, the claimant’s ladder became unstable and he fell backwards from the ladder to the floor, leading him with a painful back injury. The worker also fractured his right arm when the he landed heavily to the floor.

The worker had to have medical attention at hospital and follow up attendances upon his GP due to the accident at work. This injury was not permanent but he had to remain off work until his back and arm improved.  He was advised by his doctors to rest and to take pain killers.  The worker returned to work 2 weeks after the accident took place.  He was initially placed on light duties for a further 3 weeks and returned to his pre-accident level of work shortly thereafter.

The construction site has now made sure that the ladders are well manned and workers are more aware of the health and safety procedures.

For the accident and injury sustained at work the claim settled for £4000 compenation for the workplace accident. The worker also received compensation for expenses and loss of earnings.

The accident at work solicitors acted on a NO WIN NO FEE agreement and recovered all legal costs off the insurance company. The worker received 100% compensation and 0% legal costs.