Accident At Work – Neck & Shoulder Injury -£8,000

Summary of Example Accident At Work Claim

-Work related injury, shoulder, neck and arm, weakness in grip strength, manual handling, lifting accident, Compensation £8,000 (injuries alone)

A male worker aged 52 sustained an accident at work due to lifting a heavy object.   As he griped the object, which was heavy and awkward to lift off the floor, he pulled his neck that in turn injured his shoulder eventually causing weakness in the workers grip strength.

Following the accident he was unable to undertake any heaving lifting at work above shoulder height.  For most of his life he undertook manual work and therefore it was probable that he may lose out on future employment.  The injury at work was permanent.

He took 9 weeks off work and retuned to light duties for a further 6 weeks.  The employer was accommodating and he was able to maintain his employment on the same salary.  However he was disadvantage should he lose his current job and an award of £4,000 was made this part of the accident at work claim.

The accident at work solicitors obtained £8,000 for the workers injuries and £3000 for medical treatment, loss of earnings and expenses.  In addition £4,000 for possible future employment losses.