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Work injury claims involving cold air exposure is relatively rare which is due the fact that little is know by employers particularly in small employers.  Obviously a common sense risk assessment will pick up that employees working in cold conditions will need additional and or special clothing to cope with any particular cold environment such as working outside in winter or working in walk in cold stores.  Employees in supermarkets are regularly seen with additional clothing when stacking or working within the refrigeration and freezer areas.

What then is the law at work?

This work injury blog is not here to provide a full analysis of the law.  You can call us if required.  However simply put, the law is that every employer has a duty of care to its employees from proving a safe place work to safe equipment and risk assessments.  All of this will encompass exposure of cold air to its employees.

How can any injury be proved by exposure to cold air at work?

As with all accident at work injury claims the cause of injuries will be subject to a full medical history review and an examination by an appropriate medical expert.

Injury to cold air exposure at work

To us most injuries are caused to the back, generally back pain is the most common complaint.  For instance we have a case where a worker has been complaining of back pain (along with other employees) who were exposed to large cooling fans over a period of time during the summer months.  This matter is currently being investigated to establish a work injury claim.


As work injury claim solicitors we have considered some medial research papers and the following links may be useful to you.

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Risk factors and musculoskeletal work related injury

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