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As accident at work compensation claim solicitors we appreciate that in the Construction industry the work place can be a dangerous.  There are many accidents work on construction sites across the country.  Government statistics show that there were over 136,000 accidents at work construction injuries in 2007/2008.  Many accidents at work compensation claims are due to poor safety training and precautions to protect workers and sub-contractors on site.

Many accidents at work claims are due to the actions of other workers either employed with the same employer or by another.   Examples of such accidents are were other workers fail to erect safe scaffolding causing injury, the use of defective equipment or simply another worker leaving an object on the floor causing an tripping accident.  Whatever the circumstances if an accident at work has caused an injury we can help you every step of the way.

Common Accidents At Work On Site

Although there are a number of different accidents at work injuries, there are particular types of accidents that are common on construction sites.  The most common accidents at work involved manual handling 29% of all reported accidents at work on site, followed by slips, trips and falls and being hit by falling objects.

Rules and Regulations

If you are injured in an accident at work on a construction site you may be able to claim compensation.   There are many laws and Regulations that protect workers on site.  This means not only work tools and sites must be safe to workers and visitors, but also that workers are trained in health and safety.  If an injury at work has been sustained there is a good chance it was due to a lack of care by the employer or other workers where a safety Rule or Law has not been followed.  Remember accidents are caused they don’t just happen.  An accident at work compensation claim must be made within 3 years from the date of the accident.

Accident At Work Compensation – We Can Help You Claim

If an accident at work injury has been sustained at a construction site that was not your fault, we will be able to help you claim the compensation you deserve.  We will fight your case to obtain the maximum compensation.  We will represent you free of legal costs, win or lose.  We have never taken one penny from any of our clients’ accident at work compensation injury claim.  All clients have received 100% of the compensation awarded to them.

I think it was my fault – can I claim?

Like any accident, construction injuries at work can be caused by the worker in whole or in part.  Even if the worker thinks that the accident was all or partly his fault he should contact us.   As accident at work compensation claim solicitors we will assess the amount of blame if any to the worker.  It may well be that no blame is attributable or if the worker is to blame it may not be all his fault.  We can assess and advise on the chance of winning a workplace compensation claim.   Even if the worker is partly to blame the worker can still claim compensation.

Accident Claim Example: Worker 25% – Employer 75%

A worker is found to be 25% to blame for the accident when he put his hand into a moving machine when his employer told him not to.  However the employer was found to be 75% to blame for the accident, as they did not fence the moving parts of the machine correctly.  If the worker’s compensation at work amounted to £10,000, the worker would receive £7,500.  The fact that the worker was partly responsible for the accident at work is not a bar to claiming compensation.

Accident At Work Compensation Examples

We have dedicated a number of accidents at work compensation examples, which provide valuable information on compensation amounts for particular injuries sustained at work.  Click on the links below for further information or if you require a general guide to compensation amounts for particular injuries click here.

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No Win No Fee – No Worry

After suffering an accident at work, the worry about instructing a work accident claims solicitor will be the furthest from your mind when you instruct us.  We work for free WIN OR LOSE. Our FREE legal service extends to all employees whether they are a member of a trade union or not.  For more information see our No Win No Fee Advice Page.



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