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Accident at work compensation claims cost £millions to employers and employees each year causing time off work, reduction in productivity and  pressure upon the NHS for medical care and costs.  Work injuries can devastate lives.  From Fatal Accidents At Work to work to head injures or loss of limbs.   But it’s not just about serious injuries, other accidents at work can disrupt lives and families.   Even setting aside the work injuries,  it is not uncommon following an accident at work that the worker will lose pay, bonuses, overtime or even become redundant or sacked.

The financial stress upon the worker and the family can lead to other pressures such as mortgage and loan arrears, threats of mortgage re-possession even separation or divorce.   When you need help most we are here to help.

Work Accident Claim Types

In the UK there are numerous different types of jobs, manual and engineering t0 sedentary and office administration.  All offer different pressures and rewards but also risk of a work related injury or accident. Below are a list of common work accident types that you will find informative.  There is further information on our Category Section (to the right of this page) which provides various compensation claim valuations for different accident at work types and injuries.

Slipping, trips and falls – accidents at work

Manual handling compensation claims – accidents at work

Machinery accidents at work –  industrial accidents at work

Site Construction claims – industrial accidents at work

Back Injury and Back Pain – accidents at work

Fork Lift Truck – accidents at work

Repetitive Strain Injury – worked related injury

Every employer has a duty of care for the health and safety of their workers   Accidents at work compensation claims are caused they  don’t  just happen.  Work injury  accident  compensation claims usually arise when the employer fails in their duty of care, called “negligence.”  If a work injury occurs the employee can claim compensation for the accident at work claim and all expenses and losses, including loss of earnings, bonuses , medical and care costs amongst others.

Accidents at work compensation claims happen all the time caused by the employers failing to provide any adequate safety protection, training and warnings about the dangers in the work place.  This attitude will lead to accidents in the workplace claims and a a successful claim for compensation for work related injuries made through solicitors.