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Work injury due to an accident at work compensation claim involving a slip, trip or fall often involve cleaners as much of their work involves negotiation of steps and walkways involving different floor types, over-reaching in difficult areas, cleaning steps, cleaning poorly lit rooms, using ladders, visiting wet areas such as kitchens and toilets.  Work injury to cleaners can be caused by fellow employees failing to dispose carefully their litter or by leaving trailing cables across the floor or causing water/liquid spillages and not cleaning it up.  As cleaners have no control over the orderliness of the workplace and combined with their difficult and varied duties, accidents at work causing a work injury are regrettably commonplace to cleaners.

Work Injury Cleaning Accidents At Work

Many accidents at work compensation claims arise where the cleaner tips, slips or falls in the workplace causing work injury resulting in bone fractures, cuts, sprains, bruising, head injury, back injury and back pain to mention a few.  Even serious injury or fatal accidents are not uncommon.

Many cleaners will often suffer from a work injury accident if involved in the catering or food processing industry where they are often required to clean between wet and dry floor areas.  The food preparation areas are particularly dangerous to slipping accidents where food, water, spilt beverages pose a significant risk of a work injury accident at work compensation claim.

Due to the varied duties of cleaners, the risk of a slipping, tripping or falling accident at work causing a work injury are not only confined to factors caused by others, but also by their own actions.  The use of heavy mop buckets, buffing machines, the use of Hoovers which involve cables can pose a serious tipping and slipping hazard resulting in work injury and accident at work compensation claims by solicitors.

No Win No Fee – No Worry

After suffering an accident at work, the worry about instructing a work accident claims solicitor will be the furthest from your mind when you instruct us.  We work for free WIN OR LOSE. Our FREE legal service extends to all employees whether they are a member of a trade union or not.  For more information see our No Win No Fee Advice Page.


Help When You Need It Most

Accidents at work compensation claims cost £millions to employers and employees each year causing time off work, reduction in productivity and  pressure upon the NHS for medical care and costs.  A work injury can devastate lives.  From Fatal Accidents to work related head injures or loss of limbs claims.   But it’s not just about serious injuries, other work injury accidents at work compensation claims can disrupt lives and families.   Even setting aside the work injury,  it is not uncommon following an industrial accident at work compensation claim that the worker will lose pay, bonuses, overtime or even become redundant or sacked.

The financial stress upon the worker and the family can lead to other pressures such as mortgage and loan arrears, threats of mortgage re-possession an even separation or divorce.   When you need help most we are here to help.  We offer:

  • Years of successful claims with all types of accidents at work claims
  • Free legal advice win or lose (also available to Union Members)
  • Expert Solicitor and Barristers’ advice on compensation awards for your injuries
  • Loss of Earning claims
  • Medical claims
  • Insurance claims
  • Care claims
  • Other losses and expenses claims


Making An Accident At Work Compensation Claim

We appreciate that making an industrial accident claim against your own employer can be uncomfortable or stressful.  Naturally many workers ask the questions;

  • What will be the consequences if I make an accident at work compensation claim?
  • Will I lose my job?
  • Will I be treated unfairly if I make an accident at work compensation claim?

Thankfully, today, workers have many employment rights in the work place to prevent and deter such actions or attitudes by certain employers.  Furthermore as every employer must have employer’s liability insurance, it is the insurers who will pay the injury work compensation and therefore there should be little to worry about when making a work injury accident compensation claim.

For quick advice tips about making a work injury accident at work compensation claim click our work Injury Accident Advice – 5 Step Guide.


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Accident At Work Compensation

Below are links to accident at work compensation awards that will provide you with a general guide of how much compensation you may be awarded for a particular type of  cleaning  injury.  Please take time to consider each link.  If you have any query please do not hesitate to contact us.

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