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Employer’s Duty To Report Accidents At Work To HSE: All serious injuries and accident at work must be reported to your employer who in turn must report the incident to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).  Typical reporting of an accident at work are:

1.  Fatal accident

2. Serious injuries such as broken/fractures to limbs, loss of sight etc

3. Dangerous events such as gas explosions, collapse of ceiling, fallen crane etc.

4. Any other injury which prevents the worker doing his/her job for 3 days or more.

5. A work related disease such as:

  • asbestos exposure,
  • vibration white finger,
  • industrial deafness,
  • dermatitis etc.

Recording Accidents – Accident Book

Whilst only serious injuries at work must be reported to the HSE, minor injuries should be entered into the Accident Book.  Every employer save for small concerns must have an accident book available and keep it safe.  The accident book provides an historic record of all accidents, to whom, the type of accident and cause.  This helps both the employer and workers to faithfully record all work related injuries and provide much needed evidence at a later time if a claim for the work accident is made or claim for loss of earnings and benefits.

Recording accidents in the accident book may also concentrate the employer’s mind on its track record and improve upon the health and safety at work.