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Manual Handling Claims & Back Injury At Work

Manual handling is a necessity when Nurses are caring for patients.  An every day occurrence but often it can lead to making a claim for a back injury at work.  This is because nursers are often lifting heaving patients in and out of bed, bath, shower, wheel chairs etc.  This repetitive task can often have an impact upon the nursers back at work.  The UK population is getting heavier, more obese and with this trend the weight of the patent load is putting more nurses at risk to a back injury at work.

Back injury at work claim

Back injury at work claim

Thus the common tasks that can give rise to a back injury at work can be listed as follows:

  • assisting patients into and out of bed
  • turning patients around on their side whilst in bed (rotation)
  • helping sitting patients up in bed
  • bathing patients
  • using the toilet
  • helping the patient stand
  • helping the patient sit
  • aiding the patient in and out of a wheel chair
  • helping walking
  • and much more

The risk factors to a back injury claim at work can simple by lifting a patient incorrectly, poor posture, which can cause neck and spinal injuries.

Lifting Techniques a quick guide

Risk assessments by employers should be undertaken to limit the possibility of a back injury at work.  The Nurse or Carer should also be trained in lifting practice so as to be aware of the risk factors and to limit injury. Below are just some of the techniques that should be adopted.

  • Bend with your knees when lifting at lower levels so the weight of the patient is taken by the legs not the back.
  • Keep back straight when bending, with knees bent to aid the lift.
  • Lift smoothing with one motion.
  • Ensure you have a good grip of the patient for the safety of the patient and the nurse.
  • Keep the patient close, the further away the patient, the heavier the load.
  • If the patient is particularly large consider two person lift or use of aids and equipment.

Manual Handling At Work Claims

The starting point is the Manual Handling At Work Regulations to establish if a back injury compensation claim can be used as a starting point to indicate the the Employer has failed in its duty of care to the Nurse or Carer of patients. Information of the Regulations can be found by on our webpage –  manual handling compensation claims and back injury at work claims.

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100% Compensation At Work