Compensation for scarring at work

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The psychological effects following a work accident compensation claim for scars often last longer than the physical pain of the injury.

This “mental scarring” can be as a result of a multitude of reasons from the steadfastness of the worker who has been injured to the psychological aftermath.

The scars left following a work accident claim can also have a bearing on how the injury effects the worker. Important issues such as the:

  • visibility of the scarring
  • length of the scar
  • size of the scar
  • location of the scar
  • if pain continues as a result of the scar/injury at work

The above is just a few matters that can affect how the worker can recover from the injury at work giving rise to the scar.

Importantly scarring at work compensation claims can be different to male workers than female workers. Compensation by the courts in all injury at work claims are decided on their own particular facts. Therefore, the court will take into account that females who suffer from scarring usually will be affected more than their male counter-parts and as such will obtain a greater amount of compensation.

Facial scarring at work or other scars that are visible will obtain the greater amount of compensation than scars that can be covered up by clothing. Models who suffer from a scaring injury may receive a greater amount of compensation due to the fact that the scars could affect their earning capability.

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