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To obtain a work injury compensation claim it is important to seek advice from a qualified accident at work solicitor.  An experienced solicitor will be able to obtain the maximum work injury compensation for you in the shortest possible time.

The wrong work injury solicitor

Some firms may not have the extensive experience like us to deal with work injury compensation claims. This could be due to an employee injured at work making a call to his or her local solicitor to see if they can help and some firms may know a little about work injury compensation claims and just “give it a go.” In some cases this will be fine if liability for the accident at work is admitted and the injuries are not serious.

But if there are difficult laws to consider and apply to the case, it will not be the best option and as a result the work injury compensation claim may fail or the client may receive an award of compensation substantially below what it is worth.

Contact the Work Accident Solicitors Direct

 By speaking the work accident solicitor direct we will be able to make a work injury compensation claim in respect of the following:

Maximum work injury compensation for injuries sustained:

  • Re-claim all reasonable expenses such as travelling costs, parking fees, medical bills:
  • Care claim – for family members having to look after the worker as a result of the accident such as house hold chores like cleaning, cooking, washing up, shopping DIY etc
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of any work related bonus/promotion that would have been due to the employee had it not been for the accident.
  • Any other loss or expense attributable to the work accident claim.

 How much compensation for work accident injury?

Each case is different. But some guidance can be obtained from our work injury compensation payout guide. The links can be found on our web site as follows:

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