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Work accident solicitors

As work accident solicitor we are here to help you claim the maximum compensation possible. Work accidents are unfortunately common in the work place but we will ensure that you are fully represented in all aspects of your claim.

How do I start a work accident claim?

The first thing to do is to contact the work accident solicitor immediately. Please see our contact details. We will obtain all the information from you to enable an accident at work claim to get off the ground.

What information do the injury solicitor need?

The basic information will be as follows:

  •  Your full details
  • Your employers full details
  • The full circumstances of the work accident
  • If necessary, any photographs of the work accident location
  • Any witnesses? If so their full details

What can work accident solicitor’s claim on my behalf?

 We will be able to claim for work accident compensation in respect of the following:

  • Compensation for the injury sustained at work
  • Any loss of earnings
  • Any loss of bonus/overtime
  • All reasonable expenses
  • All reasonable losses
  • All medial expenses incurred as a result of the work injury

 What will it cost me if I make a claim through work accident solicitors?

There has been a change in the law from April 2013 work accident solicitor can now charge up to 25% of your compensation. We do not routinely charge anything from your compensation and depending on the amount at stake you may not be charged nothing at all leaving you with the ability to keep 100% of your work accident compensation. Please ask us for details.

Do you undertake No Win No Fee work?

Yes. No Win, No Fee Accident at work Solicitors To take advantage of the no win no fee work injury compensation agreement you can, for a small fee take out insure to protect you against your opponent’s costs should the action loose. Insurance policies start as little as £75 but please ask when you call us.

More information on making a work injury claim?

We understand that contacting a work accident solicitor can be daunting, that you may be worried about costs or even claiming against your employer. We will ensure that every concern will be answered and that we will put you at ease so that you have nothing to worry about.

Please contact us immediately for expert advice and assistance.