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It is important if you have suffered from a work injury that you contact a work accident solicitor direct. The reason for this is to ensure that you receive as early as possible expert legal advice on how to make a work accident claim.

The following are the most common FAQs as to why it is important to instruct a work accident solicitor direct:

Why should I go to a work accident solicitor direcct?

In short independent legal advice.   Any person who sustained an injury at work due to no fault is entitled to make a claim against his or her employer. This claim for compensation requires advice from personal injury solicitors to investigate liability issues and thereafter advise upon the compensation for accident at work

Why is it important to instruct a work injury solicitor early?

 There are many factors but the following is of note:

  • You will receive the best advice on what to do and who to contact
  • Delays may mean that any evidence is lost and destroyed
  • It may be important to obtain expert medical advice early to help with rehabilitation
  • Other non-medical experts may be necessary to advise upon liability issues.
  • Early advice may mean that you will not prejudice your position

 What can a work injury solicitor do to help me?

 We cannot turn back time but we can obtain compensation for the injury sustained at work and recover all reasonable losses and expenses in addition to loss of earning. All financial losses can be obtained past, present and future.

Do you operate a Work accident No Win No Fee Solicitor Service?

 Yes you will have complete piece of mind by going direct to us.

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