Accident at work compensation

Accident at work compensation

Who to turn to when you have an accident at work compensation claim? The answer appears to be obvious but it is not always straight forward. The first thing to do if advice is required is to seek advice from an independent accident at work solicitor who specialises in workplace accidents. The work injury solicitor will advise you of your right to make a claim. Such claims may be made against your employer, sub-contractor or other companies on site if the premises are multi-occupied.

100% Compensation Is Still Available

An important factor when instructing an accident at work compensation solicitor is to establish if you can still obtain 100% of your compensation.  Most work injury lawyers now will charge a success fee which can amount to 25% of your compensation awarded.  So if you were awarded £4,000, your workplace injury solicitor will take £1,000 so you will only be left with £3,000.  By bringing your accident at work compensation claim with us, we charge 0%, subject to terms and conditions please ask for details.

Employees are liable for their actions – Accident at work compensation

Many employees are fearful of making a claim as in many occasions it involves having to sue the employer or proving that a fellow co-worker was at fault for the accident and potentially getting them into trouble. However, in practice, all employers have compulsory employer’s liability insurance and thus if an Accident at work compensation claim is made, it will be the insurance company that pays out and not the employer.

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Accident At Work Compensation








Further, in law, vicarious liability applies to all employers which in short, means that the employer is liable for the acts and omissions of all of its employees and therefore the fact that a co-worker may be at fault for the injury, in name, it is the employer who will be responsible to accident at work compensation claim.

Accident at work compensation payouts

Compensation for accident at work will vary depending on the extent of the injury or injuries and if liability is admitted in full or part. Why it is important if liability for an accident at work compensation claim? The obvious example is that if the work injury claim fails, there will be no compensation. Therefore if the employee was in part to blame for the accident because he or she failed to wear any protective clothing or failed to follow the correct safety procedures, then that employee will be held liable for the share blame.

Thus if the employee was say, 50% liable for the accident at work compensation claim this will simply have the effect of reducing the compensation award by 50%.

Accident at work compensation calculator payout amounts

Following the above example here are some quick ready guides to work accident compensation claims by reference to zones of the body.

Accident at Work Compensation – By Body Zone

Head and Face – Accident at Work Compensation claim

Lower Limbs – Accident at Work Compensation Claim

Upper Limbs – Accident at Work Compensation Claim

Back, Neck & Body – Accident at Work Compensation Claim

Guide How Solicitors Settle An Accident At Work Compensation Claim


Accident at work Compensation Solicitors Advice

To obtain expert Solicitor’s advice on how to make a claim under a No Win, No Fee, No Worry, basis, contact us for further information.

Solicitors Charges and accident at work under no win no fee charges

Worried about solicitors charges taking up to 25% of your accident at work compensation.  Contact us you will be have the ability to recover 100% of your work accident compensation.  To go elsewhere can be very costly, we handle all accident at work compensation claims.  For more information you can visit our main website for Accident At Work Compensation Claims.

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