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Anyone can make a claim for compensation at work against their employer  if they have suffered injury that was not your fault.

Important to Obtain Witnesses to the Accident at Work

If there are witnesses to the accident they may be very important to support your claim that your employer was at fault.  They will be asked to make a statement as soon as possible.  Other evidence for you claim needs to be collected quickly to prevent records, documents, machinery etc from being tampered with, destroyed or lost.

Liability for the work accident compensation

Your employer may be to blame for the entire accident or it may be deemed that you may in part to blamed.  If that is the case, it does not mean you cannot make a work accident compensation claim, it simply means that your compensation will be reduced by the proportion you are deemed to be at fault.  Thus if your compensation was valued at £10,000 and you were 25% to blame for the accident, you would receive £7,500.

Quantum/Valuation of your claim

Quantum in legal terms  is the valuation of your claim for work accident compensation.  There are many aspects that will effect how much you will to receive which is dependent upon the severity of your injuries and financial losses.   Generally the more severe the injury both physical and psychological the greater the compensation you will obtain.  Information about the level of compensation you can obtain by clicking on this link accident at work injury compensation.

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Accident At Work and Financial losses

Financial losses are divided in to two categories: past and future. Past loss includes things like, loss of earnings and bonus, travel expenses, damage to clothing or jewellery, medical cost etc. In addition we can claim for care provided by family members who have given up their time or work to look after you.

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