Accident Settlements

Negotiations to Settle Accident At Work Compensation Claim

The accident at work compensation solicitor will be studied carefully by the solicitor and a copy of the written medical report will be sent to the worker for approval.   Once approved the solicitor will then consider the work injury set out in the report and compare the work injury with compensation awards decided in the courts previously where other workers had sustained similar work injury.  To solicitors this is called “precedents” and the compensation that will be payable to the worker for the work injury will be reflected by other cases decided in the past.  The accident at work injury solicitor will have to be guided by the compensation awards in earlier claims decided in court.  Once the solicitor has considered the compensation amount that is reasonable for the work injury then the solicitor will advise the worker what a reasonable compensation award will be. Once the compensation is agreed with the worker, for the work injury, the accident solicitor will write to the employer’s insurer and attempt to settle the claim.

To settle the accident at work injury compensation, the solicitor will often put forward the names of the precedent cases in support of the claim.  For the financial losses the work injury solicitor would have obtained documents in support such as the wage slips, repair/loss invoices etc.  These would be sent to the employer’s insurer or solicitor representing the defendant and negotiations will take place.  If the work injury solicitors in the claim are unable to reach an agreement to settle the work injury claim then the only other way to resolve the claim would be by the work injury solicitor taking court action or through mediation.

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