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Our 5 Step Guide

To obtain free advice about claiming for a work injury due to an accident at work can be daunting.  As accident at work compensation solicitors we offer a FRIENDLY FREE LEGAL SERVICE and we would always be happy to talk to you about making an injury at work claim.  Set out below, we have set out our 5 step guide you should undertake to help you recover from the work injuries and obtain maximum compensation for personal injury.  As specialist accident at work solicitors we also understand that compensation is not always the driving factor behind making an accident at work compensation claim.  It is also about reporting the accident to the employer so that something is done about the health and safety at work to avoid similar work  injuries. Below is a basic guide to follow if you experience an accident at work:-

1.  Urgent Medical Attention

If you work for a large company there may be immediate medical help at the work place.  Otherwise hospital and or follow up GP medical help for the work injuries must be sought.  From experience, it is our advice not to suffer in silence. if you wish to make an accident at work compensation claim.   If after several weeks or months following a work accident you are still suffering from your work injury you should continue to seek medical attention.  If you don’t, when you are medically examined for the purpose of a work injury compensation claim complaining of continuing pain, your employer’s solicitors may argue that you that you are exaggerating your claim.  Why?  Due to the absence of attending your GP your employer’s work accident solicitors will say that any pain or suffering was at best minor.  Had you been in pain, their solicitors would submit you would have sought medical advice and treatment.

2.  Work Accident Reported In The Accident Book

What is written in the accident book is vital and could mean the difference between winning or losing your work accident case.  It provides evidence of how the work accident happened, any witnesses, date of the accident and any employer’s comments.  If there is any dispute about the accident at work, the entry in the accident book will be carefully scrutinised because this written evidence will usually add a great deal of weight at court because the work related accident circumstances was recorded “fresh in the minds” of the accident victim and any witnesses.  Please ensure the accident at work has been recorded in the accident book (on the day of the accident or as soon as possible thereafter) and that it is accurate.

3.  Locate Any Witnesses To The Work Accident

If there are any witnesses to the accident at work it is important that you obtain their full details and contact telephone numbers.  Independent witnesses, simply put, can mean the difference between winning or losing your work related injury claim.

4.  Instruct Specialist Accident At Work Solicitors

There are many types of solicitors specialising in different areas of the law.  Even within the accident and injury department of a law firm there may be solicitors who will just undertake road traffic accidents or industrial disease claims.   As accident at work solicitors we specialise in work injury claims working hard to ensure workers who are injured at work obtain maximum compensation in the shortest possible time.

5.  Go To Solicitors Direct To Make A Work Accident Compensation Claim

We are expert work accident solicitors.  When you contact us you are dealing with solicitors direct.  Qualified and Regulated.  We are not a  “Claims Management Company.”  We do not pass your claim to a “Panel of Solicitors” or “sell your claim” to Solicitors.   You will be dealing with expert work  accident solicitors direct.  No middlemen.  Further if you are a Union member you must remember that you have a free unrestricted choice of solicitor.  You are not obliged to instruct your Union’s own solicitor to deal with your work injury claim.  There are no legal costs to pay win or lose by instructing us.

No Win No Fee – No Worry

After suffering an accident at work, the worry about instructing a work accident claims solicitor will be the furthest from your mind when you instruct us.  We work for free WIN OR LOSE. Our FREE legal service extends to all employees whether they are a member of a trade union or not.  For more information see our No Win No Fee Advice Page.