Back Injury

Accident At Work

A worker who was a supervisor for a building company suffered a back injury at work when he tripped and fell down metal stairs. After the accident the claimant was unable to get up and was shaken due to his fall which caused alot of pain.

As the pain was so bad the claimant attended a local hospital where he had damaged his back muscles and damaged part of his spine.

1 year after the accident the worker was still suffering with pain, stifness and discomfort with his back and neck when he then went to see his GP, it was later discovered this will affect him for the rest of his life and will not have the quality of life he used to.

Due to the claimant”s injuries he contacted an accident at work solicitors to act for him to present a work accident claim.

When the claimant attended court the judge found that the fall had a significant affect on the claimant and disagreed with the employee’s company trying to deny full responsability for the accident that occured.

After the court hearing, the accident at work solicitors won the case and he recieved £8,000.00 in accident at work compensation.


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