Back Injury

Accident At Work

A worker sustained a Back Injury whilst at work when he slipped on a oil spillage that had not been cleaned up from the previous day. There was no regular system of checking and cleaning the floor, which resulted in the employer admitting blame for the accident at work.

The worker fell heavily onto the floor and aggravated a pre-existing lower back problem, in particular a degenerative disease to the lumbar spine.

Back injury at work claimThe worker was unable to work for a period of 2 years, he required care and support from family and friends to help assist with everyday chores such as DIY, cleaning, cooking, assistance with heavy lifting, gardening amongst others.

The medical evidence was largely agreed in that the worker who was 45 at the date of the settlement had almost made a full recovery.  For the accident and injury sustained at work the claim settled for £18,000 for the work related accident and a further £42,000 for out of pocket expenses and loss of earnings in particular.

Compensation for a back injury at work will be valued individually taking into account factors such as the severity of the injury, age of the claimant and length of time off work.  For a brief guide to compensation payouts at work due to a back injury see the Guidance below or click on our back injury at work compensation guide

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