Back Injury

Accident At Work

A 39 year old woman sustained a Back Injury whilst at work. The employee was sittin on a computer chair at her office desk, when the chair collapsed from underneth her and she fell to the floor.

On inspection the hinges that held the legs to the base of the chair had become rusted and worn down  due to the wear and tear had become unfit for purpose.

Back Injury At Work Compensation

The worker instructed a specialist personal injury solicitor who made a claim in negligence against her employer due to the accident at work. They alleged that the employers had been negligent by failing to maintain equipment and exposed the worker to the risk of injury through their negligence.

As a result of the back injury the women suffered at work she was absent from her job for three weeks and had to undergo rehabilitation which included physiotherapy and specialist hospital treatment. Her employer admitted liability and the woman was awarded £19,500 in compensation.

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