Leg Injury

Accident At Work

A construction worker sustained a Leg Injury at work and persued an Accident At Work Claim. The worker was working on the 6th floor of an office building when he fell from a ladder, a piece of scaffolding fell from the floor above knocking his off the ladder and causing damage to his leg.  He was taken to hospital by two other workers who had witnessed the accident. The worker sustained multiple injuries to his leg including having a metal plate inserted into his leg which was removed after 2 months.

The worker undertook a course of physiotherapy and returned to work after 3 months.


Capture5455Accident At Work Compensation

As a result of the worker’s accident a compensation claim by the accident solicitors who acted  on behalf of the worker were able to obtain £20,000 compensation for the accident, travel expanses and loss of earnings.

Accident At Work Solicitors

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