Facial Injury

Accident At Work

An employee suffered permanent facial scarring due to an accident at work when he tried to open a unit of a printing machine with the use of a steel bar for extra leverage. Whilst he was opening the unit, the bar slipped, causing the claimant injury.

Head Injury Compensation guide

Head Injury Compensation guide

The worker suffered from sleep disturbance and flashbacks for one month following the accident, and he also suffered from permanent facial scarring. He sustained a scar on the inferior part of his right eyebrow that measured 30mm in length with a maximum width of 1mm. The claimant’s bruising lasted for three weeks and he suffered from right frontal headaches for between four and six weeks. The claimant was absent from work for one day and suffered from sleep disturbance due to flashbacks for one month following the accident. On close inspection his facial scar would remain visible

The Employer admitted liabilty and the employee was awarded £2,500 in compensation after the Accident At Work Injury

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