Worker suffers servere Back Injury

Accident At Work

A male worker sustained a back injury during an accident at work. The claimant suffered from ongoing pain and discomfort, and he was unable to return to his former employment as a result of his condition. the man works as a delivery driver and suffered the injury whilst pulling a pallet loaded with the double the normal load. As a result of the heavy lifting work, the claimant suffered back injuries. He brought an action against his employees alleging it was negligent in failing to maintain adequate health and safety standards for its employees.


Back injury at work claim

The worker’s employees admitted liability. A medical expert said as a result of the accident suffered at work, the back injury sustained made the claimant more vulnerable to injury in the future. The claimant also suffered permanent right sided sciatica and as a result could not return to his job as a driver. Therefore the claimant was awarded future loss of earnings as part of his settlement. He recieved £3000,000 in total for the severe back injuries sustained in the accident at work.

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