Back Injury At Work

Accident At Work

A 39 year old man sustained a back injury after an accident at work  he was employed as a security guard, when he fell down the staires because of a wet surface. There was no signs in place warning of the hazard.


shutterstock_206625520After the accident at work the man began to suffer back pain, which interfered when he was exercising and also when trying to carry out his duties at work. This progressed to more serious back pain which was more constant and radiating down his right hip. After the accident at work the man was seen by a medical expert to assess the severity of his back injury. The medical expert believed that there was a pre-existing back injury that had been accelerated following the accident.

Accident at Work – Compensation

The man claimed for compensation after the accident, as he had suffered mutiple injuries. He brought action againt his employers who admitted liability for the accident. The Man was awarded £12,000 compensation for the Back Injury

If you have had an accident at work then you could be entitled to compensation. please visit our dedicated website for more advice.