Manual Handling – Back Injury

Accident at Work

A worker suffered a Manual Handling accident at when when lifting glass slabs from a trolley. A team of six men including the claimant were unloading glass slabs from a lorry to a trolley. One of the men gave an instruction to put the glass slab down into the trolley. The worker suspected that the glass slab was not in the trolley which would have caused the glass to shatter, so he never let go. The other men released the glass, which left him to bear the weight of over 500 lbs.


Back injury at work claim

Liability was admitted when the  manual handling accident claims was made.

The claimant sprained his back in the work accident and sustained pain that radiated to his shoulders and occasionally down into his leg

The accident caused the employee to have restricted movement and he was unable to undertake any heavy physical labour. He was unable to walk long distances or sit for a long period of time.

The claimant had retrain and search for a new job which had a lower wage.

The claimant was awarded over £90,000 in work injury compensation claims.

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