Fall At Work

Accident AT Work

A worker who was employed by a company who handle machinery was asked to fix a broken piece of machinery that was 15ft off the ground. he was given a torch and asked to climb a set of ladders leading to the machine. Once the machine had been fixed he was making his way down the ladder. As the worker stepped off the ladder he stood on a loose piece of equipment that was laying on the floor. The worker lost his balance causing him to fall to the ground.

Cyclist injured - lying on floor - person attendingThe worker was laying on the floor for quite some time before a work collegue rushed to his aid. The worker was in alot of pain and unable to move, he was taken to the local hospital via ambulance where he recived medical attention for his back neck and shoulder injury

Accident At Work Claim

The impact of the Accident at Work injury had caused the worker constant headaches and now suffers with psychological problems making him not fit to return to work.

The company admitted liability on behalf of the insurance company and the claimant was awarded £100,000 after making an accident at work claim

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