Accident At Work – Head Injury

Accident at work

A woman working in a local retail store was working in the stockroom when a heavy object fell on her head causing her to fall to the floor crying out pain.  The other employee’s rushed to the stockroom where the woman was laying and called an ambulance. The object that had fallen on her head was a large box weighing 13KG which had not been placed on the shelf correctly causing it to fall.


Head Injury Compensation guide


Accident at work Injury

The employee was taken to hospital where she sustained head injuries such as concussion, dizzyness and constant headaches. There was a slight swelling and bruising on the right side of her head but no further damage to her skull. She was given pain relief for her headaches. The employee was off work for 4 weeks, once she returned she the headaches was not as severe but her GP had advised her to take frequent breaks. Prior to the bruising to the right side of her head she also sustained a minor scar.

Accident at work claim compensation

After 6 months the employee made a full recovery with no lasting complications, she made a claim and was rewarded up to £3000 in compensation plus loss of earnings and travel expenses.


Here are some Head Injury Compensation Awards –

Minor Head Injury– work injury – – accident at work compensation £1,500 to £9,000
Minor – Moderate Epileptic Conditions– work injury – accident at work compensation £7,000 to £17,000


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