Accident At Work -Foot and Back Injury

Accident At Work

A worker fell from a ladder he was on and fell backwards because it was not secure properley by the person that had used it before him. The worker sustained  foot and back injuries, he fell to the floor in pain and made a compensation claim. As a result of the accident the worker was taken to hospital where he spent 2 weeks due to his condition and was advised to rest at home, where he required extra care and assistant from his family. The worker underwent courses of physiotherapy as well as strong painkillers.


Accident at work

Accident at work solicitors obtained compensation on behalf of the worker and he recieved £12000. His injuries was classed as traumatic and permananet and was unable to return to work which has caused the worker to become depressed and recieve further medical treatment for his health.

Accident at Work Compensation Awards

Below are examples of Compensation Awards


With displaced fractures some deformity- work injury accident at work compensation



Simple fractures, puncture wounds- work injuries accident at work compensation




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