Accident At Work – Neck Injury

Accident At Work

A 50 year old employee sustained a neck injury during an accident at work due to lifting a heavy object, as the employee grabbed the object which was heavy and awkward to lift he pulled his neck eventually causing weakness in his grip, dropping the object on the floor.

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Following the Accident At Work the employee was in a lot of pain and his employer took him to the A&E hospital department. The GP advised that there was severe neck strain and that the recovery process may take time. The employee was told to stay at home and rest untill his neck made a full recovery. He was told that the seriousness of the injury could have been a lot worse resulting in a permanent injury, however the employee was unable to work for a period of 3 months and was able to resume to his employment once recovered.

Accident At Work Solicitors were able to award the employee up to £7000 in compensation for the work related accident.

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