Manual Handling Claims

Manual Handling Claims – Back Injury

A worker injured his back while trying to lift a heavy box onto a shelf, the worker had worked in the back office alone lifting boxes onto shelves in the office, he had only been there 2 months prior to the accident at work and had not recieved any Manual Handling training. On the day of the accident he had just received a large delivery containing heavy goods.  As the worker lifted up one of the boxes he felt a pull in his right arm causing strain on his back, he dropped the box and fell to the floor in pain.

manual handling claims

Manual handling claims

Manual Handling Claims Compensation

As a result of the accident the worker sustained a back injury at work. The employer admitted liability due to lack of training and the claimant received £3000 compensation for the back injury at work claim plus loss of earnings and travel expenses

Below are some guidelines for accidents at work compensation due to manual handling claims causing back injury.

With crush vertebrae, osteoarthritis, pain– work injuries – accident at work compensation



With prolapsed discs, laminectomy, some pain– work injuries – accident at work compensation



With sprains, strains, full recovery expected.– work injuries – accident at work compensation



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