Accident at work – Back injury

Worker suffers back injury following manual handling accident at work

Capture5455The worker who was 30 years old at the time of the accident suffered disc herniation causing permanent damage to his back as a result of the accident at work. During the course of his employment he was asked to lift and move heavy gas canisters, however he wasn’t given training as to how to correctly use manual handing techniques to lift heavy items.


Back injury at work claim

The worker insutrcted a specalist firm of personal injury solicitors to deal with his personal injury claim. They brought an action against his employers, claiming they had been negligent in failing to provide adequate training to their employees. At the trial the judge heard evidence that as a result of the accident at work and back injury that was sustained the claimant had unfortunately lost out on a possible promotion. Medical evidence also provided to the courts showed permanent damage to his back as a result of the accident.

The judge found that the claimant’s employers were negligent and awarded the employee £30,000 in compensation.


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