Accident at work – Head and neck injuries

Worker suffers neck and shoulder injuries following accident at work


Cyclist injured - lying on floor - person attendingA employee who suffered injuries to his neck and shoulder was awarded £13,194 after an accident at work thanks to his specalist personal injury solicitors. The worker, during the course of his employment, was loading a pile of empty pallets onto the back of a trailer using an electric pallet truck, when the top pallet fell off and struck him on the head rendering him unconscious.

As a result of the accident the worker suffered from a short period of loss of awareness and brief retrograde amnesia following the accident. He also suffered from headaches and persistent stiffness in his right shoulder and neck. Two years after the accident, the claimant continued to experience a sharp pain in his right shoulder when using his right hand above shoulder level.

shutterstock_267718298The worker was seen by a medical expert and his medical report was provided to the court in evidence. Medical evidence provided to the court explained that he would suffer some long term memory loss in the future. The worker received £13,194 compensation following his accident at work.

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