Accident at work – Back injury

Delivery driver suffers back injury following accident at work

Back injury at work claim

The worker suffered an accident at work during his employment as a delivery driver. Whilst pulling milk cages from the back of a lorry, the wheels of one of the cages caught on a pallet causing the cage to topple.  The employee instinctively attempted to stop the cage falling and in doing so suffered a back injury. Medical evidence was obtained from a Consultant Orthopaedic & Upper Limb Surgeon who reported that on examination, some 20 months post accident there was some minimal loss of full range of movement following the accident at work.


shutterstock_267718298The worker pursued a claim for personal injury against his employers alleging that they were negligent and in breach of their statutory duties to provide sufficient training. He insutrcted a specalist personal injury solicitor who got an admission of liability from the third party. They settled the claim for £7,000 and the employee returned to work following the settlement of the claim.

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