Accident at work – Back injury after fall

Man falls from lader at work causing severe back injury

Cyclist injured - lying on floor - person attending

A company has been found to be negligent and ordered to pay compensation after an employee suffered serious back and neck injuries due to an accident at work. The employee suffered injury when he fell over two meters to the ground when modifying a extraction system.

To reach the extractor system the employee had to but one foot on a cabinet and another on the top of a stepladder. The ladder fell underneath him causing him to fall to the floor.The employee suffered a broken back and a fractured breastbone. He was off work for over five months and has suffered long term damage which has affected his life.

shutterstock_267718298The employee instructed a specialist firm of personal injury solicitors to handle his case. He was awarded £65,000 in compensation, which included payment for intense rehabilitation and also loss of earnings.

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