Accident at work – Back injury

Worker injured after fork lift truck accident


Cyclist injured - lying on floor - person attendingAn employee suffered a back injury after an accident at work as well as other injuries after fork lift truck accident. The worker was asked to move pallets from side of the warehouse to another, despite not having a fork lift truck license, his employees insisted. When he began driving the worker went over an uneven surface causing the fork lift truck to tip over. The accident caused several injuries including lacerations to the employees hand, arm and leg. However the most significant injury was to his back. The accident at work could’ve been avoided and the employee made a claim in negligence against his employees for the injuries he sustained.


The worker instructed specalist accident at work solicitors who not only fought for compensation but also agreed for the defendants to pay for rehabilitation to help with the back injury he sustained. He was also awarded £10,500 for the injuries sustained and loss of earnings incurred.


shutterstock_275125928Have you suffered injuries following an accident that wasn’t your fault? Was it down to someone else’s negligence? You can instruct us on a no win no fee basis. We will fight for the compensation you deserve and give you practical legal advice to help you through the process. Please visit our dedicated accident at work website for more information.