Accident at work – Back injury

Man suffers back injury after being crushed at work

Cyclist injured - lying on floor - person attendingA worker suffered a back injury at work after an accident which left him with constant back pain. The man was injured following an accident that was caused by negligence, liability was admitted by his employers and the employee brought a claim against them in negligence.

The accident that occured at work which caused the back injury happened during the course of his employment. The man was a warehouse supervisor, he was carrying out his work when a forklift truck driver who was carrying pallets crashed in to the man crushing him againt the racking inbetween the pallets.

Compensation calculator

The worker instructed specalist accident at work solicitors and was awarded £8,200 for the injuries he sustained. The calculation of compensation that could be awarded if injury has been sustained after an accident at work can vary depending on numerous factors. At our dedicated accident at work website we have a compensation calculator where you can get an estimate as to what your claim could be worth. This maybe money you’re entitled to and could be claimed on a no win no fee basis.

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