Back injury at work – Forklift Truck

Man knocked over by forklift truck and suffers severe back injury

Cyclist injured - lying on floor - person attending

The claimant was a 45 year old man who sustained a severe back injury whilst at work. During the course of his employment the man was injured when a forklift truck reversed, knocking him to the ground. The man brought an action against his employer alleging that it was negligent in its health and safety duties towards its employees.

As a result of the back injury sustained the claimant was unable to return to his previous employment and needed to improve his qualifications to enhance possible job prospects. He also suffered from chronic back pain. Evidence from a medical expert provided to the court showed that the man had suffered degenerative changes, however after a pain management course the pain should relinquish.

The court awarded the claimant £195,831 for the back injury he suffered at work.

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