Back injury at work – Manual Handling

Man compensated after suffering back injury at work


Back injury at work claim

The Claimant was a 49 year old man who suffered a severe back injury whilst working for a glass design company. During the course of his employment he was unloading a lorry of glass slabs together with six other colleagues. As the group of men manoeuvred one of the slabs into place on a trolley, the foreman gave an order for them to put the glass down. The claimant, conscious that the slab was still not sufficiently close to the trolley and fearing that the glass would shatter, did not let go. The other men in the group did so however and the claimant was suddenly left to bear the entire weight of the 520lb slab.

The claimant wrenched his back in the accident and as a result he was left with restricted movement. He was able to lead a relatively normal life but had to take care not to put undue strain on his back by bending or lifting heavy loads. In particular, he was unable to walk long distances, sit for any length of time or continue with the sporting activities he had enjoyed before the accident. The claimant was additionally unable to continue with the heavy manual work he had undertaken prior to the accident.

The claimant was awarded £90,000 in compensation, which included future loss of earnings as he had to get a new job on a lower wage.

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