Man suffers knee and back injuries

Man comensated for the back injury suffered

Back injury at work claim

The claimant, a 41-year-old man, received £4,797.38 for the knee and back injuries sustained in an accident at work. He sustained a crush injury to his right sacroiliac joint and suffered from continual dull pain with occasional extreme pain.

During the course of his employment as a warehouse supervisor the claimant was crushed between two large plastic vats when one was pushed onto him by another employee, who was driving a reach truck. The claimant brought an action against the defendant alleging that it was negligent in the health and safety duties it owed its employees, which caused the accident and the knee and back injuries.

The claimant quickly recovered from the injury to his knee, however he suffered from continual dull pain and occasional extreme pain in his back. He was examined by a medical expert 20 months after the accident and was found to have a crush injury of his right sacroiliac joint which it was believed would remain a chronic problem.

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