Accident at work – High Court guarantee “substantial compensation” to man injured at work

Man inhaled fumes which have caused significant injuries.

Emergency Services - cutting into car rescueThe High Court have ruled that a claimant will receive “Man To Receive Substantial Pay-out After Workplace Accident Leaves Him In A Child Like State”. The claimant was working as welder in a steel fabrications factory where he was exposed to noxious fumes when working in a giant kiln known as a “cyclone”.

Weeks after working in the kiln he started to suffer from a harrowing range of psychological symptoms. In June 2015 he was found to be 80% disabled which has been very hard to come to terms with for his family as previously he had been a champion horseman and was a man of many skills.

The defendants in the case admitted liability and the High Court ruled that a substantial pay out was due given the nature of the injuries and the effect they’ve had on his life.

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