Fork lift truck accident at work – multiple injuries

Fork lift truck accident at work – injury to arm

In this forklift truck (FLT) accident at work claim example, an employee sustained a severe arm and elbow injury when his forklift truck had overturned whilst in the warehouse trapping his arm.  He was unable to release himself from the forklift truck as he was unable to release the buckle on his seatbelt.  He had to shout for his work colleagues to come to his rescue and release him from the FLT.

Forklift truck and accident at work

Forklift truck and accident at work

The accident at work is said to have occurred when he was loading goods that were too heavy for his forklift truck causing it to become unstable. It was reported that his injuries were as follows:

  • Fracture to his left arm (non-dominant)
  • Crushing injury to left elbow
  • Disc prolapse
  • Cuts and bruises

His accident at work solicitors took action against his employer for failing to provide as safe place and safe system of work.  initially his employer’s insurance company failed to admit liability but once court proceedings had commenced they had admitted liability.

Following further medical evidence, it was established that the employee would make a full recovery within 3-4 years from the date of the accident and was awarded the sum of £26,000 in compensation for his injuries alone in addition to compensation for lost earnings and expenses/losses.

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