Accident at work compensation- Loss of sight.

Accident at work compensation– Loss of sight.

It is believed the claimant was badly injured due to an accident at work when he was struck in the face during a test procedure.

The claimant was taking part in work which resulted in him testing the pressure in a hydraulic cylinder when the incident occurred.

Due to this accident at work, the claimant has suffered a complete loss of sight in one eye and also suffered a broken jaw and multiple facial lacerations.

It was found that the company who the claimant was working for failed to make sure the cylinder he was testing was safeguarded and that the test equipment was suitable for the task, which resulted in this terrible injury.

Support for Accidents At Work Claimants

No amount of compensation will compensate for life changing injuries at work but it helps with financial problems that arise when an employee  has been injured at work and can no longer work. The earnings often stop and the employee is put on statutory sick pay.  The problem is the bills do not stop coming and unless action is taken, debt will build up which adds to more worry.

Life changing injuries at work will mean that the employee could be owed a huge lump sum compensation award even before the end of the action.  An advance amount of money can be obtained before the end so that it can pay for any pressing bills pending the outcome of the case.

Accident at work compensation claim?

If you, or anyone you know has been injured at work, a compensation claim can be made for the injuries and losses as a result.  Its easy through us and unlike most other work injury solicitors, you have the ability to keep 100% of your compensation, others make take up to 25%.  To go elsewhere can cost you.

No Win, No Fee, Solicitors

No Win, No Fee, Solicitors









Your employer is insured for compensation for accident at work claims so you have nothing to lose.

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