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Back Injury At work Claims

Back injuries at work are common.  It is estimated that over 30 million days in the UK lost each year to accidents in the workplace.  More hours are lost in the work place due to back injury than any other medical condition, as much as 25% of referrals to orthopaedic clinics are due to back pain at work or other causes.

Causes of back pain at work

The back is a complex structure of bones, ligaments, joints and muscle.  Whilst the back can be very robust in a healthy individual, over time it can deteriorate (old age) and be susceptible to injury.  Alternatively there could be an underlying (natural biological changes in the body, other than age, that make the back vulnerable to injury i.e. a “constitutional” or “congenital” condition).  But a major cause of back injury at work is the actual “manual handling” of various loads due to incorrect lifting techniques, lack of support and suitable equipment.

Back injury at work claim

Back injury at work claim

If there is a pre-existing back injury condition, expert back injury solicitors will consider this with the claimant and orthopaedic surgeon instructed by the solicitor to establish whether the pre-accident back injury/pain has been exacerbated by work.  If so, there could be a possible compensation claim if the employer has failed in its duty of care to the employee.

Tasks At Work Giving Rise to Back Pain

Regardless of any pre-existing cause that may make a back injury at work more susceptible, the following tasks are often part of the cause of back injury which can be a “one-off” lift or repetitive over a period of weeks, months or even years, below are some movements often encountered at work that may give rise to a back injury in the workplace claim:

  • heavy lifting,
  • repetitive lifting/carrying
  • twisting back/body movements
  • pushing
  • pulling
  • awkwardness of the lift or load
  • carrying

Illustration of Spinal Cord

This illustration below is a quick and easy guide to show the 3 main components of the spine.  The top of the spine (Cervical) is the neck where many injuries are due to motor accidents such as “whiplash injury claims”: the middle of the spine is called thoracic and the lower back  is the “lumbar” spine.

Back injury Solicitors – At work Claims

We are experts back injury solicitors that deal with often complex medical causation issues that have to be proven against the employer and its instructed insurance company lawyers who will be appointed to defend any claim

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