Worker seriously injured due to faulty machinery

Accident at work claims

Worker seriously injured due to faulty machinery.

The worker, 32, who was completing work at his workplace site when he was struck in the face by a chuck key which resulted in serious injuries.

It is believed the key ejected from the machinery which had no chuck guard fitted to the machine which in any case could of saved the claimant having such serious injuries.

The claimant suffered a fractured right eye socket, damaged teeth and bruising to the brain which was explained to be not life threatening.

Head Injury Compensation guide

Head Injury Compensation guide


He was not able to return back to work for 10 months post-accident and is still not able to carry out physical sports or drive at night.

Due to the claimants accident at work, he submitted an accident at work claims against his employer and was rewarded substantial amount of compensation in a result of this accident.

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