Accident At Work Compensation – paralysed

Accident at work compensation

A Man left paralysed due to accident at work.

A 49-year-old tree surgeon was removing a tree from a local school’s grounds when the part of a branch hit him causing severe damage.

It is believed that the employee was using a chainsaw to cut a tree down, starting from the top of the tree on a pair of ladders.

The employee was cutting a branch down near the top of the tree, when it swung down and hit the ladder the worker was standing on, causing him to fall to the ground where he landed on his back causing him to sustain permanent spinal injuries. It has been confirmed that he is now unable to walk again and will remain in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Due to this accident at work, there was investigation that took place and it was confirmed that there was no safe system of work in place, the ladder was not secure.

Accident at work compensation

If a workplace accident compensation claim is made, negligence has to be proved against his employers, that is failing to provide a safe system of work, safe training, risk assessments etc. The equipment may also be unsafe.

Work accident compensation Guidelines and Payouts

For severe life-changing injuries the following compensation payouts can be considered (please remember this is for injuries only and excludes all financial losses such as wages, medical bills, loss of pension etc).

Injuries Involving Paralysis
Quadriplegia– work injuries – accident at work compensation



Paraplegia– work injuries – accident at work compensation



Neck Injuries
Severe (incomplete paraplegia)– work injuries – accident at work compensation



Moderate to severe with permanent damage– work injuries – accident at work compensation



Moderate to severe damage to soft tissues/tendons– work injuries – accident at work compensation



For further information on compensation for accident at work claims calculator click on that link and scroll through the body parts that are relevant to you.

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